This Week’s Sales

Hello, Everyone,

We’ve got two sales coming at you this week and both are all ready up and running.  First, as howls and blood-curdling screams echo through the night, this week’s Super Tuesday Sale takes a monstrous turn to where the dead walk and post-apocalyptic horrors stalk the land.  Enter the Perilous realms or face the risen dead, all at monstrous savings during this week’s Super Tuesday Sale.  The savings are so great and the titles so packed with horrific adventure, we’re holding the sale for two days!  Stop by our publisher page and browse our catalogue, or click on the Perilous and Adventure Modules links, to see all the titles on sale.  Sale lasts this Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our second sale takes you back to the dungeon.  Delve into dungeons dark and deep, and save some silver along the way, during our Dungeons Deep Sale!  This weeks sale brings you a collection of supplements and Old School Adventures all about dungeon adventures.  Break out your torches, ten-foot poles, Mountain Dew and Doritos and stay up late delving through dungeons dark and deep.  Visit our publisher page and browse our catalogue or stop by the Sales Guide for a complete list of products.

Happy Adventuring!
Walt, New Realms Publishing

Free Treasure Cards

Hello, all,

Just a quick post to let you all know that we’ve another free pack of goodies ready for download.  As part of our Tremendous Treasure Sale we’ve put together a trio of Treasure cards for your Dungeonous games.  Stop by our publisher page and download the Dungeonous Treasure Pack for free.

And don’t forget to checkout the Tremendous Treasures Sale.

Have a great day,
Walt, New Realms Publishing

Tremendous Treasures Sale

A lure and a reward.  Legendary and undiscovered.  A means to advancement and power.  Treasure plays an important role in most campaigns and during our Tremendous Treasures Sale you can add a fantastic array of treasure supplements to your fantasy rpg’s and at tremendous savings!  From Wednesday morning to Monday morning we’ll have an assortment of treasure products on sale, including our Old School Treasure, Universal Adventures Treasure Cards and more!  Just visit our publisher page and browse our catalogue of products or stop by the Sales Guide for details.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Tremendous Treasures Sale.

Walt, New Realms Publishing

Super Tuesday Sale

Greetings, Everyone,

Another Super Tuesday is here and another batch of prices are being smashed.  This week the big green guy has smashed the prices on a wide selection of fantasy adventures.  Choose from Old School Dungeon Crawls, Adventure Modules, Perilous adventures and More!  Over forty titles are available at 50% off!  There’s something for everyone in today’s Super Tuesday Sale!  Visit our publisher page and browse our catalogue for a complete listing.  Today Only!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sale!

Walt, New Realms Publishing