Solo Gaming

This month is Solo Gaming Appreciation Month and if you are interested in solo gaming New Realms Publishing has dozens of adventures, supplements and rpg’s that can be played solo or in group games.  First is the Universal Adventures product line, which brings you adventures, supplements and game aids, which can be used with any fantasy rpg for group or solo games.  Start with the Dungeon Deck, Encounter Deck, Event Deck, Search Deck and Treasure Deck, which when used together, allow you to create adventures for your favorite rpg, for solo or group games, while you play.  Then you can add the adventures, such as Hall of the Ogre Lord and Mound of the Lizard King, which give you additional cards for exploring a specific adventure site.

There is also the Universal Adventures Adventure Module line.  Compatible with other Universal Adventures products, each Adventure Module gives you a complete adventure, no other products required other than your rpg, you can play solo or with a group, with any fantasy rpg.  Each adventure is complete and can be played separately or linked together to form an extensive campaign.

We also have rpg’s which can be played solo, including Dungeonous and Heroes and Dragons Red, and stats available for Universal Adventures Adventure Modules for both Ogres and Underworlds and Torchlight, so you can play those adventures with the Ogres and Underworlds and Torchlight rules.

Stop by our publisher page and take a look around.  We have a lot to offer.

If you are interested in Universal Adventures products, now is a great time to check the titles out because we are having a special sale on all Universal Adventures products.

Dungeon Reave RPG and Dungeonous Event Pack II

197230-thumb140Greetings, Everyone.

I hope you all are having an awesome Halloween.  If you need a little something to help you celebrate, be sure to stop  by our publisher page for a couple of treats.  First, we’ve a new simple little RPG for you called Dungeon Reave.  Dungeon Reave is a fantasy rpg for two or more players and is a little bit different.  On the game side of things, Dungeon Reave relies on player skill and strategy.  On the roleplaying side, you get to unleash your imagination, creativity and roleplay to your heart’s content.  Put them together and you have an awesome little game that is simple to learn, easy to play and incredibly fun.

Even better the game features quick character creation and small monster stat blocks.  I’m a big fan of both.  I like to GM and create adventures and I prefer monsters with simple stat blocks and lots of creativity.

One of the nifty parts of the game for players is you get to be as sneaky (or private if you prefer that term) as the GM.  And you are going to need it if you plan on surviving in this game.

All told, Dungeon Reave is a heck of a lot of fun and I hope you’ll give it a try.

Also on the treat list is a shiny new trio of Dungeonous Event cards with a Halloween slant, all for free.  Stop by our publisher page and get yours today.  And don’t forget the Halloween Spooktacular sale is still going on so if there are any products you’ve been wanting to pickup now is a great time.

Have a wonderful evening and a Happy Halloween,


Halloween Spooktacular Sale

Three Days Only!  Now through Halloween!  Up to 50% Off!

Have a ghoulish good time this Halloween weekend during New Realms Publishing’s Halloween Spooktacular Sale!  Enjoy monstrous savings on a host of horrific adventures, deadly encounters and creepy creatures.  Save some silver on creepy crypts, dank dungeons and terror-filled tombs.  Bait your fiendish frights with mounds of terrorific treasures!  All this and more await those who dare to take a peak at the Necronomus-Catalogus.

Stop by our publisher page and take a look at all the terrorific savings during our Halloween Spooktacular Sale!

Have a fiendishly-fun time!

Walt, New Realms Publishing

Xtraor & Halloween Sale

196792-thumb140Greetings, Everyone!

Halloween is almost here.  In addition to ghosts and ghouls, super heroes have their place in the world of costumed candy banditry.  We thought you might like to bring them to the gaming table too, in a little different fashion, of course (or, a lot different, since this is us we’re talking about!)  To that end we bring you Xtraor, the super-powered rpg of post-apocalyptic adventure.  Xtraor brings you everything you need, including rules for character creation, actions, Power cards and more, to quickly create your own super-powered heroes and take them on fantastic adventures with simple rules and a fun and easy game.  Gather your heroes and enter the fantastic world of Xtraor.  Be fantastic.  Be Xtraordinary.

We haven’t forgotten the ghosts, ghouls, vampires and wraiths either and neither should you.  Visit our publisher page and browse our catalogue or head straight to the Halloween Horror sales guide for haunted grave yards, terrifying tombs and more!  Check it out.

Have a great week and enjoy the sale and Xtaor,
Walt, New Realms Publishing

Dungeon Delver’s Survival Sale

Greetings, Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend and enjoying everything October has to offer.  This week we have another great sale for you.  The past few weeks we brought you everything you needed to create, expand, and enhance dungeon adventures.   Now we’re taking a look from the other end of the ten-foot pole by bringing you spells, skills, races, treasures and more!  Everything the would-be delver needs to survive their next adventure and all at 20% off!  Stop by our publisher page or visit the Sales Guide and join us for our Dungeon Delver’s Survival Sale.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sale!

Walt, New Realms Publishing

Torchlight: Assault on the Underworld Now Available

195773-thumb140All the monsters, traps and treasures from Universal Adventures Assault on the Underworld are now available for the Torchlight RPGTorchlight: Assault on the Underworld  brings you the game mechanics for the monsters, traps and treasures encountered in the Universal Adventures Module Assault on the Underworld for the Torchlight RPG.  Get out your Mountain Dew and Doritos and take your Torchlight characters into the depths beneath the city of Ravenor with Torchlight: Assault on the Underworld.

Have a great day!

The Dungeons Deep Sale Part II

The Dungeons Deep Sale continues.  Save on an assortment of dungeon-based supplements, game aids and adventures.  Battle the forces of the Ogre Lord, explore the Dungeons of Karas Karn or delve into the Mound of the Reptile God and save some silver along the way during our Dungeons Deep Sale!  So refill the lanterns, memorize your spells and delve into the depths once more during our Dungeons Deep Sale!  Stop by our publisher page or visit the Sales Guide for details.

And, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Dig, Part II, for the Dungeonous RPG!

Have a great day,

Walt, New Realms Publishing