Solo Gaming

This month is Solo Gaming Appreciation Month and if you are interested in solo gaming New Realms Publishing has dozens of adventures, supplements and rpg’s that can be played solo or in group games.  First is the Universal Adventures product line, which brings you adventures, supplements and game aids, which can be used with any fantasy rpg for group or solo games.  Start with the Dungeon Deck, Encounter Deck, Event Deck, Search Deck and Treasure Deck, which when used together, allow you to create adventures for your favorite rpg, for solo or group games, while you play.  Then you can add the adventures, such as Hall of the Ogre Lord and Mound of the Lizard King, which give you additional cards for exploring a specific adventure site.

There is also the Universal Adventures Adventure Module line.  Compatible with other Universal Adventures products, each Adventure Module gives you a complete adventure, no other products required other than your rpg, you can play solo or with a group, with any fantasy rpg.  Each adventure is complete and can be played separately or linked together to form an extensive campaign.

We also have rpg’s which can be played solo, including Dungeonous and Heroes and Dragons Red, and stats available for Universal Adventures Adventure Modules for both Ogres and Underworlds and Torchlight, so you can play those adventures with the Ogres and Underworlds and Torchlight rules.

Stop by our publisher page and take a look around.  We have a lot to offer.

If you are interested in Universal Adventures products, now is a great time to check the titles out because we are having a special sale on all Universal Adventures products.


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