Xtraor & Halloween Sale

196792-thumb140Greetings, Everyone!

Halloween is almost here.  In addition to ghosts and ghouls, super heroes have their place in the world of costumed candy banditry.  We thought you might like to bring them to the gaming table too, in a little different fashion, of course (or, a lot different, since this is us we’re talking about!)  To that end we bring you Xtraor, the super-powered rpg of post-apocalyptic adventure.  Xtraor brings you everything you need, including rules for character creation, actions, Power cards and more, to quickly create your own super-powered heroes and take them on fantastic adventures with simple rules and a fun and easy game.  Gather your heroes and enter the fantastic world of Xtraor.  Be fantastic.  Be Xtraordinary.

We haven’t forgotten the ghosts, ghouls, vampires and wraiths either and neither should you.  Visit our publisher page and browse our catalogue or head straight to the Halloween Horror sales guide for haunted grave yards, terrifying tombs and more!  Check it out.

Have a great week and enjoy the sale and Xtaor,
Walt, New Realms Publishing


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