Heroes & Dragons Red Now Available

190673-thumb140The clatter of metal and stone echoed through the vast chamber as a shower of silver and gold, steel and blackened bones, slid down the side of the huge mound that dominated the far end of the chamber.  A massive reptilian leg, red-scaled and thickly muscled, stepped out from behind a tall pillar, followed by a huge head that turned its baleful gaze on those that dared to invade its lair.

Heroes & Dragons Red is Available Now!

Enter a simpler world of mighty deeds and wondrous magic, where brave heroes battle vile monsters and fabulous treasures await the hand bold enough to seize them.  Enter the worlds of Heroes & Dragons Red!  This game brings you everything you need to pit your heroes’ sorcery, steel and subterfuge against a host of monsters, traps and malevolent beings, including character creation, skills, spells, special abilities, equipment, monsters, encounter tables, color dungeon cards and more!  Create some characters and start playing right out of the box with an introductory scenario, no GM required.  So gather your heroes, prepare your spells, brace your shields and prepare to enter the fantastic realms of Heroes & Dragons Red!

An updated character sheet is also available.


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