New RPG’s and X-Mas in July Sale

Greetings, Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and a fabulous day. Things are heating up around here this time of year, but that hasn’t stopped us from taking part in a really cool sale and releasing a couple of really cool games.

It is Christmas in July time again and that means incredible savings on our entire line of products. Checkout our Universal Adventures and Adventure Module line of products and our original rpg’s, Ogres and Underworlds, Perilous and Swords and Savagery. If you’re a fan of Old School adventures and games check out our Old School Adventures. And don’t forget our two newest games, Dungeonous and Torchlight.

Dungeonous is a quest-style rpg and pits your Swords and Sorcery heroes against Cosmic Horrors. Complete with everything you need to get you started battling inhuman cults and monstrous horrors, Dungeonous brings you character portfolios, full-color floorplans, matching full-color Dungeon cards and more! And best of all, you can get the complete Dungeonous set at tremendous savings during this years Christmas in July sale!

Also in the Old School Swords and Sorcery vein, we are proud to bring you Torchlight. 188716-thumb140Character titles, breath attacks and saves, Torchlight hearkens back to the early days of fantasy role-playing in a whole new game! Quick character creation, simple monster stats, magic, combat and more, Torchlight brings you everything you need to delve into the dark depths and discover what lurks beyond the flickering edge of your torchlight. And it is also available now at a savings!

Stop by our publisher page or visit the sales guide for a complete list of all our titles. If you are a fan of classic quest-style games, be sure to checkout Dungeonous. And if you’ve always wanted an Old School fantasy rpg, but with the freedom to create and develop the characters you want to play, all in a simple set of rules, Torchlight is for you.

Enjoy the sale, new RPG’s and have a wonderful day!

Walt, New Realms Publishing


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