Dungeonous Now Available

NRP170001_halfcver6The Republic is in peril!  Marauding monsters prowl her borders, the remnants of ancient inhuman races await the return of their otherworldly masters, and in the depths of age-old ruins inimical forces lurk.  The time for heroes is at hand!

Answer the call as a Durnese Ranger, an Ardorian Wizard, a Burglar from the unforgiving streets of Scornigal or a Thurian Halberdier.  Confront marauding monsters, mysterious creatures, inimical forces and horrors from beyond the stars.  Survive and you’ll gain experience and wealth.  Advance in your chosen profession, train to gain new abilities, and purchase special gear and equipment.  Then when dark forces rise again, you’ll be ready for the next adventure.

It’s Swords and Sorcery vs. Cosmic Horror in this old school, classic quest-style rpg for one or more players and it is available now!  Dungeonous includes quick setup, straight forward rules, a simple Action check system that allows for basic success/failure to much more dramatic results, floor plans, color Dungeon cards and more!

Gather your heroes, some six-sided dice, and confront the horrors that lurk within the realms of Dungeonous!


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