Going Solo with Dungeonous

NRP170001_halfcver6A few weeks ago, I announced some new upcoming games.  We’ve been hard at work on those products.  In fact, we’ve expanded a few of our upcoming products to bring you bigger and better games that are well suited to fit a variety of gaming styles.

With Dungeonous, we’ve expanded the game to encompass solo and group play, with or without a GM.  We’ve retooled the rules and character abilities so you’ll be playing the same game with or without a GM.  We’ve also included color Dungeon cards, matching color floorplans, Event cards and Treasure cards.  With all the additions to the game you’ll be able to play Dungeonous “right out of the box,” even if you don’t have anyone to play with.

With new additions to the game we’ve also updated the cover.  For more updates and previews find us on Facebook and Twitter.  Stop by now for a glimpse into the horrific universe with Swords & Sorcery vs. Cosmic Horror.

Have a great day!

Walt, New Realms Publishing


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