New Games Coming Soon

170001_halfcvrThings may seem quiet on the new release front from New Realms Publishing.  We have, though, been hard at work on some new games, games that are chock-full of new material, games that are simple, fun and exciting and where a little imagination opens up worlds of fantastic possibilities, games that take you back to the early days of fantasy gaming where the abilities of foes where unknown and everything was exciting and new.  First up in our upcoming releases is a game we call Dungeonous.

Tales of Sword and Sorcery, classic fantasy RPG’s, classic quest games and a new setting come together to form Dungeonous.  Dungeonous is a fantasy adventure role-playing game where the players take on the roles of heroes and adventurers who set out in search of gold, glory and adventure!  Through the ancient ruins of pre-human races, the tunnels beneath a lonely sorcerer’s tower and the deep caverns of the Drake Horn Mountains they tread, battling marauding monsters and the enemies of the Republic and her allies and thwarting the machinations of inhuman foes who seek the return of their horrific masters.

Play a Durnese Ranger, an Ardorian Wizard, a Burglar from the unforgiving streets of Scornigal and others.  Each character type has its own portfolio with unique advancement and training, special equipment, spells and more!  Or be the Game Master and confound your players with new monsters and horrors.  Setup is quick and the rules are simple and straight forward.  In fact, you can play the entire game from a single reference page.

Fans of Sword and Sorcery and classic quest games will enjoy Dungeonous as will those looking for a fast and easy game for the occasional evening’s play or a lengthy campaign.  More information will be made available as the release date approaches.


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