Infamous Dungeonous Sale

To help you pass the days as you anxiously await the release of Dungeonous we decided to hold a sale.  Starting tomorrow, our entire catalogue of products will be available at 20% off.  Browse through our list of titles and stock up on some rpg’s, adventures, game aids and supplements.  Visit our publisher page or the Sales Guide for a complete list of products and visit our website to learn more about Dungeonous.


2 thoughts on “Infamous Dungeonous Sale

  1. I’m a little confused – it seems like you now have THREE different OSR/Retro-Clones!!! How would I figure out which one to buy? What is the differences between them all? Why have them at all when there are so many others out there? Thanks!


    1. Greetings!
      First, I wouldn’t consider either O&U or S&S clones. Inspired by old school, yes. O&U is more skill-based and focused on character development, which is wide open. You can develop skill, qualify and become a member of one or more professions, etc… Spell casting and magic are also a lot of fun. Resolution is simple and is conscious of minimizing the automatic/impossible number scenarios. Feedback from S&S puts the game in a much simpler category, which it was meant to be. People new to RPG’s have enjoyed it. Experienced gamers have used it to play with less experienced gamers or those new to rpgs, etc…
      As far as Dungeonous, if your a fan of classic “quest” games, you’ll love it. There’s still much that can be done with character development, much more even than the old rpg’s, and the rules and mechanics are simple. The game is meant to be played with very little prep work.
      Thanks for your interest and I hope you’ll enjoy the games!


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