GM’s Day Sale

Greetings, All,

March is here and that means another GM’s Day. This year, New Realms Publishing has over 100 adventures, supplements, RPG’s and more, all available at a huge discount during this year’s GM’s Day Sale! Supplement your gaming, create adventures or play solo with products from the Universal Adventures line. Generate dungeons for your delving pleasure with the Dungeon Deck. Expand your adventures with Search and Event decks, Encounters, Treasure cards and more. All suitable for any fantasy rpg and all part of our Universal Adventures system.

If complete adventures that you can play solo, with a group, with or without a GM, are to your liking, then check out our Adventure Module line. Each adventure includes instructions, setup, background and start information, an Adventure Record, a wide assortment of cards, and are completely compatible with the Universal Adventures decks. In addition, many of the adventures are related, or follow one of several story lines, and can easily be linked together to form a campaign.

There are also several Old School Adventures, designed for Labyrinth Lord and other old school RPG’s and our Across the Realms line of supplements. And don’t forget to checkout our original RPG’s, Perilous, Ogres and Underworlds and Swords and Savagery.

All these titles and more are available at a huge discount during the GM’s Day Sale. Stop by the sale page or browse our catalogue and take a look at everything we have to offer.

Happy GM’s Day and have a great week,
Walt, New Realms Publishing.


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