The Dungeons of Karas Karn is Now Available

Flickering ruddy light spills across the immense, pillared hall, casting the long shadows of the huge, engraved pillars towards the dark recesses at the far end where a three-tiered dias and a great throne of stone stands. From beyond the throne comes a wet, slurping sound and the hint of something massive moving in the darkness. Then a slimy horror drags itself to the edge of the light, a bulbous mass sprouting dozens of ropy tentacles and a cluster of ebony eyes.

Universal Adventures Adventure Module DD1 The Dungeons of Karas Karn is available now!

Search for a legendary magical hammer within the fallen dwarf hold of Karas Karn. But beware, the abandoned hold is likely to be inhabited by dangerous foes and protected by deadly traps. And what defeated the paladin, Talon Darkbane, may still be lurking about. Do you have the strength, craft and cunning to overcome the dangers within The Dungeons of Karas Kar?


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