Universal Adventures Adventure Module FG1 The Forgotten Graveyard is Now Available

A grotesque face of grey stone leers down at you from atop a cracked stone pillar that rises from a mass of thorny brown brush. Sections of rusted cast iron fence extend from either side of the pillar, connecting to other pillars in the distance. Bare branches rattle in a stray breeze, carrying the screech of a rusty iron gate, the stench of moldering earth and a distant moan that may have been the wind blowing between the crumbling, vine-covered mausoleums and over the weed-choked tomb stones of the Forgotten Graveyard. Or was it something else?

Universal Adventures The Forgotten Graveyard is available now!

The Forgotten Graveyard brings you a new terrorrific adventure for your fantasy gaming needs. Packed with 90 cards of horrific adventure, The Forgotten Graveyard includes Adventure cards, Encounters, Events, the Blackstone Tomb and much, much more! Located in the western edge of Greyshroud Ridge, you can combine the adventure with Expedition to Erathor and the expansion pack, Greyshroud Ridge, to create an overland journey. In addition, the Adventure Module can also be used as the surface area for any number of underground adventures.

Gather your heroes and prepare to face the horrors of The Forgotten Graveyard.


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