Adventure Module #8 Coming Soon

Work on the next installment in the Adventure Module Series is well underway.  Expedition to Erathor is very different than previous offerings in the series.  The adventure takes the characters on an overland journey from Ravenor to the small community of Erathor to the north.  The module will include decks for each terrain area the characters will pass through as well as a deck for Erathor and Treasure cards, incase the characters are interested in such things.  For previews and more information like the author on Facebook.  Follow us on twitter and be the first to know about sales, specials and more.

And don’t forget, the second week of our Month of Adventure sale is underway.  In addition to that sale, Borderlands of Adventure, The Secret of Eberons Manor and the Dungeons of Diremirk are also part of RPGNOW”s d20 System Sale, so you can purchase all three at even greater savings!

Enjoy the sale and previews and have a wonderful week,

Walt, New Realms Publishing


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