The Adventure Continues

Month of Adventure continues during Adventure Continues Week!  Today marks the beginning of the second week of our Month of Adventure special and an expansion of the campaign as more sites of wonder and terror become part of the sale.  Delve beyond the catacombs and explore the Caverns of Chaos.  Search the borderlands for the Dungeons of Diremirk and Eberon’s Manor.  The foul marsh hides the Mound of the Lizard King, the hills hold the Halls of the Ogre Lord and the forces of the Death Cult plot their undeadly schemes in Crypts and Catacombs.  Meanwhile, deep beneath the streets of Ravenor, the Scourge of the Scurvlings and Death Knell Delve Parts One and Two await the band brave enough to plumb their deadly depths.  All this and more await your daring adventurers during Adventure Continues Week!


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