Cover for Tombs of Terror

Motes of dust drift through the lone ray of light as you unroll the withered scroll atop the worn, wooden table. In the evening light shining through the single window, the marks on the scroll at first appear faded. Then, as your eyes adjust, the black marks form letters and the meaning of the writing on the tattered scroll begins to become clear.

NRP21033_smcoverAs work continues on Tombs of Terror, we wanted to give you a look at the cover of the upcoming Adventure Module and a glimpse of some of the introductory text!  We work hard on all our products to bring you something special, and the only exception for Tombs of Terror is that it is going to be even more surprising and challenging then any Adventure Module to date.  Enjoy the cover and teaser and be sure to stop by the author’s page for more updates.


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