Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations Now Available

Invoke the power of the Celestial Realms, bolster your comrades and blast the forces of death and darkness with Celestial Invocations! Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations brings you a set of 54 invocations for the clerical-types in your RPG’s. Open the doors to otherworldly power with Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations.

The release of Celestial Invocations begins a new chapter for New Realms Publishing. With the release of Celestial Invocations a whole new line of products will become available, including invocations and new professions for Ogres and Underworlds and Swords and Savagery, mechanics for the invocation-wielding encounters from Universal Adventures products, new RPG’s and more! This is an exciting time for New Realms Publishing and we hope you’ll all be along to enjoy the journey.

Thirty for Thirty Sale

Universal Adventures Celestial Invocations is the 30th release in the Universal Adventures product line. As part of the celebration, New Realms Publishing is lowering the prices on the entire Universal Adventures product line. During our Thirty for Thirty Sale, more than 30 products will be available at 10% to 30% off. Stop by our publisher page, browse our catalogue, pick up some great gaming products and enjoy great savings on a highly useable and reusable, longstanding line of products that you can use with any fantasy rpg, each and every time you play.


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