Now Available Ogres and Underworlds Stat Packs

Bring all the mystery, fun, excitement and adventure of Universal Adventuresproducts and Adventure Modules to your Ogres and Underworlds games!

New Realms Publishing is pleased to announce the beginning of a new product line, the Ogres and Underworlds Stat Pack. Beginning with SP1 Assault on the Underworld and SP2 Scourge of the Scurvlings, Ogres and Underworlds Stat Packs will bring you the monsters and game mechanics you need to play a Universal Adventures product with the Ogres and Underworlds RPG. More than just stat blocks and game mechanics, Stat Packs bring you Monster cards, Spell cards and more that you can collect and use again and again with other Universal Adventures products or your own adventures. Reusable game aids and mechanics for Universal Adventures products, enter new realms of fantasy adventure with Ogres and Underworlds Stat Packs!


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