Something Rotten In Ravenor

As the town of Ravenor fills with merchants for the beginning of the trading season and celebrators looking to enjoy the upcoming Spring Festival, talk too often turns to the recent troubles which plague the town. Has something rotten come to Ravenor?

In recent weeks rumors of people disappearing, of boats being found floating unmanned in the river and bloodless bodies found lying in the streets have spread through the town.

“There was a pair of merchants staying here,” said Carl, the proprietor of the Red Raven Inn. “They were bringing tools up from the south. They went out two nights ago. Yesterday, one of them was found lying in the street, half-eaten.”

In addition to stories such as Carl’s, which can be heard in almost every taproom and trading stall throughout the town, there is talk of the recent tremors which have rumbled through the vale and the packs of large rats which have been seen roaming through the town.

Many have begun to wonder if these events are signs of worse things to come.

For more on the strange events which plaque the town of Ravenor see CV1 Catacombs of Chaos, CV2 Caverns of Chaos, and the first two installments in the new Adventure Module series, Assault on the Underworld and Scourge of the Scurvlings.


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