Death Knell Apocalypse

The bell that cannot ring, that must not ring, has tolled its deathly knell and the world of the living now belongs to the dead.

The Death Knell Apocalypse has begun! The clerics of the Death Cult have recovered one of their most powerful artifacts and with each toll of Death Knell the dead rise to feed on the living. It’s the end of the world as your characters know it and the beginning of another. Welcome to the Death Knell Apocalypse.

The Death Knell Apocalypse is a new Universal Adventures campaign series from New Realms Publishing. The campaign begins with Death Fog, the first adventure in the series. The adventures in the campaign will be part of the Universal Adventures Adventure Module series and will follow that format. Death Fog will be available in the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy the Week of the Dead sale and check our website for any additional posts that may pop up.


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