Now Available Universal Adventures Adventure Module #2 Scourge of the Scurvlings

The adventure begun in Universal Adventures Adventure Module #1 Assault on the Underworld continues in Scourge of the Scurvlings! Your characters have been recruited by Councilman Kaynen to discover what lies beyond the secret door and seek out the evil that plaques Ravenor. Are your courage and skill up to the task, or will you fall prey to the Scourge of the Scurvlings?

Scourge of the Scurvlings is the second in the new series of Adventure Modules from New Realms Publishing, available now at RPGNOW. The adventure features a new way to play fantasy adventures that allows for quick setup, fast play, and the ability to focus on the action and “story” while leaving you the option to include tactical combat if you desire. Suitable for use with any fantasy role playing game, and playable solo or with a group, with or without a GM, Scourge of the Scurvlings brings you a fun and exciting adventure you’ll be able to play again and again.

Gather your characters, enter a new and exciting world of fantastic adventure and prepare to battle the Scourge of the Scurvlings!


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