Upcoming Adventure Releases

Those that read the post on J’s Blog last month, New Adventures from New Realms Publishing, may recall there was some question as to the future of Ogres and Underworlds adventures and the Crysamar Vale campaign.  Both of those questions were answered with the release of Universal Adventures Adventure Module #1 Assault on the Underworld and the Ogres and Underworlds adventure of the same name.  The new Adventure Module series for Universal Adventures will give everyone, regardless of game system, a chance to play the Crysamar Vale campaign, which began with the CV modules Catacombs of Chaos and Caverns of Chaos, and fans of Ogres and Underworlds can enjoy the same.  After the conclusion of the Crysamar Vale campaign, which is slated for eight to ten installments, the plan is to move to the Glimmerdale area and begin a new series of adventures there.  The current plan is to release one UA Adventure Module and one O&U adventure per month, which means that with the current lineup and probable expansion there is a year’s worth of adventuring to be had.  The new adventure format, created by J, ensures that group games, with or without a GM, and solo adventurers will be able to play and enjoy the entire campaign.


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