Assault on the Underworld Cover Revealed

Take your characters into new realms of adventure with a new line of adventure modules from New Realms Publishing. Assault on the Underworld CoverNew Realms Publishing posted the cover for the first release in a new product line, Universal Adventures Adventure Modules. Each Adventure Module can be used with any fantasy role playing game, played solo or with a group, with or without a GM and includes all the information you need to run the adventure, including introductory and background information, an Adventure Record, and six, or more, decks of cards, including Adventure, Encounter, Event, Search and Treasure cards.

The first release in the Adventure Module series will be Assault on the Underworld. The first in an eight-part series, Assault on the Underworld will take the characters back to Ravenor, the setting for the Crysamar Vale adventures CV1 Catacombs of Chaos and CV2 Caverns of Chaos. A dreadful pall has settled over the town. Rats pillage the warehouses and the fishing has become scarce. Even worse, there is talk of people disappearing and bloodless bodies being found in the streets at dawn. With the source of these troubles unknown and no end in sight, the future of Ravenor may lay in the hands of band of would-be heroes.

A deluxe edition of the adventure with stats and additional cards for the Ogres and Underworlds RPG will also be published. More information on the adventure and the new line of products will be made available during the coming days as the release date draws closer.


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