New Product Line

New Realms Publishing announced the upcoming release of a new Universal Adventures product line, the Universal Adventures Adventure Module.  Each Adventure Module brings you a complete adventure that can be used with any fantasy role playing game, and played solo or with a group, with or without a GM. Each Adventure Module includes all the information you need to run the adventure, including introductory and background information, an Adventure Record, and six, or more, decks of cards, including Adventure, Encounter, Event, Search and Treasure cards. The cards are used as the characters progress through the adventure, search, encounter dangers and more. The adventures are highly re-playable and compatible with other Universal Adventures cards. In addition, you can combine the cards with other cards from the series, or cards from other Universal Adventures products, to create your own adventures.

Each Universal Adventures Adventure Module can be used as an adventure for a quick pick up game, a solo adventure, or a link in an epic campaign. Play new, or your favorite, fantasy role playing games in a whole new way and enjoy fantastic adventures full of surprises, danger and excitement as you delve into a new realm of fantasy adventure with Universal Adventures Adventure Modules!


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